This project is aimed at the aspiring village women to develop their economy.

Today’s village woman, has time, energy and motivation to learn and get educated. They are keen to earn their own living and get on their feet. They lack the proper support and avenue.

As a person who had been very closely associated with women entrepreneurship for 20 years ,Mrs.Girija Raghavan has come out with this project Nambikkai .

This project focuses on teaching women several skills and trades that will help them produce and manufacture products, which they will sell to make their living. This project aims at uplifting village women.

The project :

A package of 32 CDs will be made as one set.

This will contain

Hand Embroidary (65 stiches)   6 CDs
Jewellary Making (11 items)   3 CDs
Designing of Saree,chudidhar,Blouse,
T-Shirt, hand Towel,Frock,pattu pavadai,
Tops,shirt (78 items)
  20 CDs
Yosikkalaam Vanga - Motivating talks by GR   3 CDs


The cost of one set, containing 32 CDs is Rs 6000/-  ($100)


The Method

The idea is to visit each village and meet the women there and motivate them through a seminar.

One set of 32 CDs will be given to the village at free of cost 

These designs are very popular now and there is a market for this inside the village itself. The pricing, marketing will also be taught to them.

Control : The Trust will be in touch with the  leading group of the village and will be helping them in all bottle necks.

Achievement : Initially even 20 ladies start doing this ,the result will be seen inside the village and more women will start joining. This enables them to spend their time effectively, jointly and will motivate them to take a journey towards development.

This also can benefit the uneducated.

The plan is to give the CDs at free of cost and we need the support of sponsorship for this.

Initially we want to reach 100 villages.


We are looking for

100 sponsors to give

$100 each to help

100 villages.

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