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Mrs.Girija Raghavan is a multi-faceted personality.

Journalist & Women Magazine Publisher &Editor

Focus on women empowerment

Businesswoman & a consultant

Media personality &Television producer,


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Her Passion
With the solid Tamil magazine “Ladies Special”, with continuous TV shows for women ,with thousands of stage events for women all over India and abroad, and with online readers of her website, Mrs.Girija Raghavan is very popular among women. Mrs. Girija Raghavan‘s passion is to unite worldwide Indian women. Women look upon to her for guidance, encouragement and help. Mrs.Girija Raghavan has taken Women Empowerment as her mission and a large army of committed ladies is with her.

Early days
She was passionate about media since her childhood. Earlier she started with All India radio ,Madras Doordarshan as presenter, News Reader and announcer .She developed her expertise in writings for magazines and periodicals and became a freelance reporter (Since 1985 to 1995). While she was into all these media activities she was employed in a Nationalized bank (1977 to 1991). Leaving her lucrative bank job, she floated a company and became an entrepreneur in 1993 . The company was named as “Gayathri Cassettes” which produced pre-recorded audio cassettes. While making programmes for the satellite channels, she ventured into her own production in 1995. She floated the company as “Gayathri Creations” in which television productions are made.

About Ladies Special
Since her television shows had a wide reach, with the continuous support of women, in 1997 she started a Tamil Monthly Magazine “Ladies Special”, as a women tamil monthly .Now, this magazine has readers around the world. The magazine has a readership of about one lakh all over India& abroad and has committed 10000 subscribers also. It is published online also in www.ladiesspecial.com.

Turning towards women empowerment
Since 1997,Girija Raghavan ,took a clear focus on women development and started producing programmes for women. . The magazine and the television programmes, gained more and more women strength for Girija Raghavan and she is adding all possible activities towards the growth of womanhood. She has taken entrepreneurship in women as her main focus and had been helping women who do business. Now she is helping them in marketing their products in several ways. She conducts programmes and exhibitions of the products of women entrepreneurs, all over India and also abroad.Government bodies assign her the responsibility of conducting exhibitions for their Self Help Groups. Government departments hire her services for studying and making reports on their schemes and in market promotions.

In Rotary
She is in the Rotary movement and into committed service to the society .Being a Rotarian she has visited Rotary Club –La Jolla Harris in San Diego and Rotary Club of Buffalo in Buffalo. She has visited the Rotary-Club Euskirchen-Burgfey in Germany and participated in their function.

Organisations to help women
Mrs.Girija Raghavan is a founder of a trust by name W.I.S.E. Trust (Women Improvement and Social Empowermet Trust ) with which she help women for their empowerment. She also has a guidance cell for Women Entrepreneurs by name BRAWE (Business Related Advice for Women Entrepreneurs) under which she gives counseling for women who want to start business and run them and conducts seminars and workshops for them

Girija Raghavan has authored 6 books .She is into translating popular books in other languages into Tamil

Media Expertise
Mrs. Girija Raghavan is in the Audio, Video and Print media for the past 25 years. She started her media career from All India Radio from children programme,in 1965. Later she was a Drama artist ,Announcer and then News Reader .When Madras Doordarshan commenced she was a presenter, interviewer in the television also (1986-1995).When the satellite channels entered the market she did her first talk show in SUN TV . Then she became a producer & Director and started doing shows for RAJ TV,VIJAY TV,JAYA TV PODIGAI & WIN TV for about 18 years (1995-2012) .Her programmes are always focused towards women empowerment .
She also produces advertisements for the print & visual Medias. Presently she is the advertisement consultant for the famous textile brand POTHYS .

Her Travel
She had traveled to USA, Canada, Malaysia, China and Kuwait. She had visited these places in USA.San Diego, Cleveland, Washington, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Florida, Las Vegas, New Jersey , Boston ,Massachusetts, Pittsburg, North Carolina and New York

Her Foreign travel has variety of purposes.
1. To Conduct Exclusive Shows for women.
She went to Kuwait as a guest of a well-known organisation “Frontliners” to conduct a womens day and to anchor a Ladies Talk show “Pengal Pecharangam”. This show appeared in Doordarshan Podigai in her programme Sagodari.

2. To Give a talk in forums and universities for women and girl students.
She was invited to give a talk on “Feminism in the garb of Traditioanaliam” at
Smith College at Massachusetts, USA.
She gave a talk at the temple at Buffalo ,NY

3. To connect sponsors from India with the programmes in USA and also To write about programmes happening there and achievers in ladies special.
She had the nice opportunity of getting connected with the prestigious “Cleveland Thyagaraja festival “ and had been writing about their tremendous services in promoting music among the Indian Community in USA. This helps people in India to know about Indians living abroad and their services.

4. To attend conferences and to present papers on topics
She is invited at various international conferences all over the world to present papers on different topics. She was invited in 2007 to participate in Global Dharma Youth conference and present a paper on “media’s role in growing Global Dharma”- at Malaysia.

5. To visit on Invitation by the Govt tourism depts. to write about their country in Ladies Special.
She was invited to Malaysia as a Government guest to go around the country and to write about that in her magazine “Ladies Special”. She is well known for her novel ideas and creative presentations. Girija visited Malaysia again in July 2010 as a Govt guest to Penang to write about their country in her magazine.

6. To attend business meetings on behalf of her clients in INDIA
She visited China during Sept 2010,for a huge import for a client of hers. She went to the world’s largest export market at YUWU and finalized a business deal.

7. To visit her son at Buffalo , USA and to travel and spend holidays with him.


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