About Us

Ladies Special is a Women’sMonthly Magazine in Tamil operating since 1997.The magazine addresses to the niche market of Women Empowerment and has contributed significantly in encouraging, establishing and improving Women Entrepreneurship. Ladies Special has a wide readership across the globe and has subscribers from over 5 nations.

The editor and publisher, Mrs.Girija Raghavan,is a well known Television anchor and producer. Her programs have aired in several popular Tamil Channels for more than 20 years. In addition to Television, she has successfully organized several events and exhibitions. All her work is catered towards Women Entrepreneurship and upliftment of Women in the society. She is also a well accomplished Event Conductor.

Women who have a burning fire towards success view Ladies Special as a tool that aides their growth. The contents of the Magazine include Culture, Tradition, Entrepreneurship, Real Life incidents, Stories,Travel, Handwork, Painting,to name a few. Every month we publish a supplementary to the main book which contains 30 attractive handworks. The supplementary, whose goal is to enable to readers to learn artistic trades, is provided free of cost with the purchase of the magazine.

Ladies special is approved by Govt of tamilnadu and all Govt.Libraries have copies of our magazine. Ladies Special also features in Higginbotham’s approved list and it is prominently displayed in all their stalls at railway stations.

The magazine has a readership of about one lakh all over India& abroad and has committed 15000 subscribers also.

Ladies special is posted in the website  as www.ladiesspecial.com. It has more than 20000 committed readers in website from all over the world.

Ladies Special is not yet another magazine”. It is a movement. It is a symbol of Women Recognition. It is a platform for those who have been waiting by the sidelines for years, decades even, to come to the forefront and realize their dreams. Under the vision, leadership and guidance of the Editor &Publisher Mrs.Girija Raghavan the readers of Ladies Special have developed emotionally, economically and financially day by day.

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